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Z-Day: Brittana by Sleekfur Z-Day: Brittana :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 10 0 Brittana by Sleekfur Brittana :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 22 2 Sexy Nurse Santana by Sleekfur Sexy Nurse Santana :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 19 12
Dear Old Shiz, Part 10
“God, I need a drink.”
“This one’s my treat,” Raijk said, leading me to the bar.  “What can I get you? Sex on the Beach? Leg-Spreader? Screaming Orgasm?”
“I suppose those are my only options, are they? Are you after bragging rights or something?”
“I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it…” He grinned.  “No.  I rather thought I’d give you a real one before I started bragging.”
“Sorry, that was the alcohol talking.  I’m sorry.  Fancy a walk outside?”
“I thought you were buying me a drink.”
“I don’t think you need any more alcohol—some fresh air might clear your head a little.”
I leaned against him for support and shivered; I wished I’d brought my coat.  He pulled me closer to him and tried to warm the goosebumps off my arm.  “Why’s it so goddamn cold?
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 4 1
Dear Old Shiz, Part 9
“Can I buy you a drink?” A young man in a suit jacket smiled handsomely.
I smiled over my shoulder, suddenly shy.  “Um, no thanks.” I grabbed Elphaba’s arm.  “Can we go?”
“You wanted to come in here.”
“I changed my mind.”
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.  It just smells in here.”
“Bars have that tendency,” she smirked.
I fake-smiled and steered her back out to the street.
“Well, that was a record,” Elphaba said.  “I think we lasted about sixty seconds in there.”
“Elphaba,” I lowered my voice, looking across the street at a shady, two-story building with a thatched roof and dark, fire-charred walls.  “Look.”  An old brute of a woman sat on the stoop, arms on her spread-apart knees, chewing something and spitting periodically on the sidewalk.  A man in a long coat and top hat sidled up to her, mut
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 5 8
Dear Old Shiz, Part 8
“Check out the sweet ass on that one—hey, baby.”
“I’m not your baby,” I snapped at the sooty men leaning on their brooms on the curb.
“Don’t talk to them,” Elphaba said, hurrying me away from the train station.  “It’s better to ignore guys like that, and there are plenty of them in this city.”
“Ooh, Elphie, how would you know?” I teased.
“It’s just common sense.”
“Fine, if you’re going to be all secretive about it.”
Grommetik clicked behind us, carrying our suitcases, as we joined the queue at the cab stand.  Horses drew black carriages over the smoothly paved roads that weaved at any-which angle between buildings that were placed haphazardly next to one another with an additive quality.
Elphaba peered out from under the overhang of the train station to see the top of the nearest building.  “Taller than a Quoxwood tree,” she said breathlessly.
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 3 5
Dear Old Shiz, Part 7
“Ow!” I drew back from my tea and placed the steaming mug on the table.  “Shoot, that’s really hot.”
“Must you provide a running commentary through the entire breakfast?” Elphie said with more disinterest than irritation, running her green finger across the page of her open book.
“I see you didn’t forget your grumpy pills this morning.”
“You’re not even listening.” I blew on my tea and tried to sip it again.  Elphaba turned the page.  “The curtain’s on fire.  Someone’s murdering an Animal in the lunch line.” When she didn’t look up, I raised my eyebrows.  “Wow, that one usually works.  Biq and Fiyero are putting on a circus in the courtyard.”
“Where have you been? I tried fire and a murdered Animal before—”
“That’s not funny.”
“I was just kidding, Elphie, lighten
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 5 11
Tree, Interrupted by Sleekfur Tree, Interrupted :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 1 0 In the Apple Orchard... by Sleekfur In the Apple Orchard... :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 1 2
Dear Old Shiz, Part 6
I leaned against the rocks that framed the fireplace, watching the wavering flames.  My vision lost focus and the golden tongues blurred together.  Elphie and Fiyero were packing upstairs and Mamphilo was tidying my room, making sure nothing had escaped my trunk for the trip back to Shiz.
“Dreading class on Monday, Pumpkin?” Popsicle sat across from me.
“Not yet,” I said.  “It seems so far away.”
“What have you got?”
“Um, Life Science.”
“Just one class?”
Sorcery was on Mondays, too.  “Pretty lucky, huh?”
“My little girl sure knows how to set up a schedule!” Popsicle laughed.  He watched the fire for a moment.  “Is that what you’re interested in? Science?”
I wrinkled my nose.  “Definitely not.”
“You’ve really got to pick a direction,” he said.  “Soon, right? When do you have to decide
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 4 3
Dear Old Shiz, Part 5
We could hear the band tuning their instruments in the ballroom just through the doors at the other end of the dining hall.  We amused ourselves with idle chatter all the way through our tea.  The adults around us looked incredibly full and lacking in energy, and it was clear that none of them would initiate the move to the ballroom anytime soon.  Or anytime tonight, for that matter.  The sounds of a lively Gillikinese tune floated through the hall, and my leg started bouncing.  I took the last sip of my tea and grabbed Fiyero’s hand.  “Let’s go!”
“Dancing, you goof!” I grinned and pulled him to his feet, leading him to the door of the ballroom.  Mackie, Avaric, Aurphire, Boq, and Ilea were quick to follow, and Elphie came after them somewhat reluctantly.  I knew she hated this sort of thing, but I think she hated even more the thought of being left at the ta
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 3 4
Marilyn by Sleekfur Marilyn :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 13 5
Dear Old Shiz, Part 4
My parents decided to ignore what had passed the previous night, as they usually did when we had a fight, but I tried my best to act at least a little colder to them straight up until Lurlinemas Eve, when I decided I should be a little more civil until the holiday was over.  I’d try to get them to understand again after that.  Show them something sorcery was good for, perhaps.
The servants had decorated the great dining hall and the ballroom spectacularly—an enormous evergreen stood in the dining room, nearly brushing the ceiling, and covered in sparkling gold ornaments from tip to trunk.  Red ribbon laced its way around the branches, and hovering candles (bought specially from the Quadling gypsies who came through town each year and charmed so as not to light the tree on fire) cast a warm, golden glow on the hall.  Garlands and ribbons were strung around the walls and beautiful white candles with gilded designs on them lined the long t
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 4 8
Dear Old Shiz, Part 3
Gillikin was blanketed in a layer of snow much thicker than that which had covered Shiz.  The train was just pulling into the station at Frottica when I stood in the door of our compartment and turned to face Fiyero and Elphaba.  “Now, don’t tell my parents anything about… anything.”
Fiyero frowned and Elphie looked at her hands in her lap.
“I don’t mean that—well, don’t tell them that, either—but I mean, don’t tell them that we go out to bars or that we’ve been to the Philosophy Club on purpose or—”
“That you go to parties when you should be doing your homework?” Elphie smirked.
“Well, you can tell them I go to social gatherings, they’ll be pleased to hear that, but don’t mention the part about the homework.  Okay?”
Their nods gave me a bit of relief.  I didn’t know how Momsie would react to hearing about my… “activities”
:iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 4 4
Mature content
Dear Old Shiz, Part 2 :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 7 9
Cuter Than Me?? by Sleekfur Cuter Than Me?? :iconsleekfur:Sleekfur 2 5


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forever stop that story
United States
That day was over a week ago now, but that's beside the point-- apologies that a) I've dropped off the face of dA and b) I probably won't be on very much.

It's an amazing community, and I've learned so much from all the artists here, but since I moved to L.A. and am starting my real life, I don't know how much time I'll have to commit to this site.

You've probably all forgotten about me anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter to much. :lol:

Thanks for the memories :)



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